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Ready-Made Limited companies

Hanover Company Services hold a stock of ready-made UK Ltd Companies with suitably drafted Articles of Association ready for immediate transfer and which are certified not to have traded. All our Ltd companies are able to trade in virtually any area of business, irrespective of the name. View our up to date list of ready made limited company formations or find out more about ready-made limited companies. Own Named Limited Company Formation.

New Limited Companies in your chosen name can be registered within 3 hours or up to 4 days depending on your requirements. All proposed names are checked at Companies House to ensure availability, suitability of the name, and the acceptance of the use of sensitive words such as "International", "Holding" , "Group" and others. Click here to view an extensive list of sensitive words prior to company registration. Own named Limited companies can be incorporated in England & Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. Click here to check the availability of your chosen name.

Vintage Companies

A Vintage company is a company that has been incorporated months or years previously and are thus "aged" or "Vintage". As an established company, this may assist with obtaining bank accounts and obtaining trade or credit facilities. The price of these companies includes a free name change. View our list of Vintage Companies.

Advantages of a Limited Company

    Limited Liability

There are a number of advantages to Company registration the most obvious being "Limited Liability". To explain, unlike a Partnership or Sole Trader, should a Limited Company be unsuccessful and consequently need to be wound up, then only those assets/property belonging to the company can be claimed by the creditors. The financial liability of Directors and Shareholders is 'limited' to the aggregate value of the shares they hold (unless they have acted improperly). The Director's personal financial position outside the business, is unaffected. The Directors are at liberty to pursue further company formations at any time, should they wish to do so.


A Limited Company may attract more favourable tax concessions than either Sole Traders or Partnerships. It will be subject to tax however profits are not subject to higher rates of personal tax. This compares favourably with Partnerships, for example, as their profits must be divided for tax purposes amongst the partners and they are assessed personally on these amounts even if they have not actually drawn any cash out of the business.

    Protection of Business Name

No two Limited Companies are allowed to have the same name, which ensures your company name is protected and remains unique. Before proceeding with a limited company formation the proposed names are checked for availability and suitability. (This protection is not afforded to individuals / sole traders or partnerships). To check your chosen name click here.

    Ownership and Value

The ownership of a Company makes it easy to value, buy or sell. Limited Company owners are listed at Company's House along with the proportion of the company they own. All standard Limited Companies have shares, representing the proportion of the business owned, which can be sold or given away, for example in a Will. This is not the case for a Sole Trader whose business dies when he/she dies

    Business Continuity

The death of a Partner ends a Partnership and the ensuing division of the assets could ruin the business. With a Ltd Company the death or resignation of a Director does not affect the structure of the Company, which continues as before. The Shares of the deceased Director are dealt with in accordance to the deceased will and in accordance with the Articles of Association.

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