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List Of Ready Made Companies

(These companies are registered in England & Wales and companies with no Date are currently being incorporated)


In purchasing a ready-made company you need to be aware that banks sometime question the share ownership of companies.

Your Ready Made Company will include a Share Transfer Form that relinquishes our interest in the shares of the company.

Occasionally banks will not accept this and the only way to resolve this would be to complete an early annual return so that the new shareholders are named on record at Companies House.

We will not be responsible for the cost & filing of an early annual return. If you are in a situation where your or your client will be looking to open a bank account before the next annual return is due, unless you require a ready-made company for a particular date due to accounting purposes, we would advise you NOT to purchase a ready-made company for this reason.

Instead order a new company so that we can appoint director and shareholders from the date of incorporation.

Please contact us on 020 7554 2211 for a list of available Ready Made names