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Change of Name

The name of your Limited Company can be changed at any stage during the life of the company. Perhaps you have changed the nature of your business and want the title of your company to reflect this, or you are not happy with the name of the company you have and wish to re-invent it.

If you do wish to change the name, you can check the availability of the new name on name check or call our office and we will check the name for you free of charge. If the name is available we will arrange for a Special Resolution to be filed at Companies House changing the name of your company. Companies House will then issue a Change of Name Certificate, which is kept with your original Certificate of Incorporation. The company retains the original company number and we will produce new documentation for the company to reflect the change of name.

Increase in Share Capital

When you purchase an own named company, all shares will be issued with the nominal value of the shares being £1.00 each.

Company Seal

A company seal is a hand-held embossing device that enables you to put the "Company Stamp" onto documentation, contracts etc., which may require the "mark" of the company. Just like you as an individual, your company is also an individual entity and whilst you would personally sign a contract in your own name, if you have a limited company the seal would be seen as the signature of the company.

Bristol Registered Office Service

In order to form any company you must have a valid point of contact for Companies House and the Inland Revenue, this is one piece of information that is freely available for viewing to the public. In using the Bristol Registered Office Service you can avoid releasing information which you may wish to protect due to the sensitive nature, such as a home address.

It is important to note that some tenancy agreements do not permit businesses to operate from the property. In using our service you can help avoid any complications.

Over the course of one year we will forward on to you any correspondence from Companies House and the Inland Revenue, this does NOT include day to day trade post.

Registered Office Facility - London

For customers who would prefer to have a Registered Office in London, rather than Bristol, we have an office address on London’s City Road. Any official post for the company would be received at and forwarded from the London address and it is this address which would show on the company’s records as the Registered Office.

Post Forwarding Service

Our office on City Road, London is able to forward all trade post received for a company. This is a mail forwarding service, not a Registered Office service. However, if you also require our London address to show on the company’s records as the Registered Office this service can be offered for a further fee and we would therefore then be showing as both the company’s Registered Office and trading address and forward all official and trade post to an address specified by you.

Secretarial Service

We offer a Nominee Secretarial Service for those customers who do not have a separate person to act as Secretary. As Nominee Company Secretary, our role within the company is strictly in name and non-administrative; we do not hold shares and have no monetary interest or say in the company.

VAT Registration

We offer a VAT registration service where we monitor the VAT registration process for your company. All VAT forms are sent to you in your company package to complete and sign. The forms should be completed and returned to us with two pieces of identification. We will check through the VAT registration form and send it to your local Customs & Excise office. Throughout the registration process, we will liaise with Customs & Excise and ensure all queries are addressed appropriately.


We can provide you with company incorporation documents translated into another language. The price will vary depending on your desired language, but we can provide you with a quote as soon as we have discussed your requirements. Having your company documentation translated could be a prerequisite depending on where in the world you will be trading and especially if you will be based overseas for the majority of your business. Certain foreign authorities may request to see your company documents in English and in their native language for verification and approval.

Anonymity Packs (accountants / consultants only)

As an accountant or consultant you may wish for your firm’s details to appear on the company documents rather than ours, for example instead of Hanover Company Services and our address on the front of the Memorandum and Articles, your company name, address and contact details would appear instead. This would present a professional appearance to your customers and we would remain anonymous. This is a simple service, which we offer free of charge. Top Of Page