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What kind of records will the company have to keep?

Will my Ltd company have to keep financial records?

All companies have to keep financial records such as evidence of income and expenses, invoices, bank statements etc.

Will my Ltd company have to prepare and file audited accounts?

Companies have to file audited accounts unless they are defined as “small companies”. A small company must meet at least two of the following conditions:

  • annual turnover must be not more than £6.5 million;
  • the balance sheet total must be not more than £3.26 million;
  • the average number of employees must be not more than 50.

Please note that Public Limited Companies (PLCs) cannot prepare and submit small accounts. Please consult your accountant or auditor for full details relating to the accounting requirements for PLCs.

Do I have to fill in any complicated forms?

There are no complicated forms for you to fill in. We offer a professional service to our clients, which ensures that we do the work of Company Registration and record initial changes to the structure of the Ltd Company. This ensures speed and accuracy and compliance with corporate law.

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