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The vote on a resolution in a general meeting is by a show of hands unless the members call for a poll.  A poll is a vote based on the number of shares held by people rather than on a show of hands. A declaration by the chairman that the resolution is carried on a show of hands is all that is required for a resolution to be passed, but this does not apply if the members call for a poll. You do not have to count the number of votes for or against on a show of hands.

A private company must give a minimum notice of 14 days of a general meeting. A public company must give a minimum of 21 days notice of its AGM unless the ltd company’s articles specify a longer period of notice. A company may call a general meeting at shorter notice, with a majority of 90% of the voting rights in the case of a private company and 95% in the case of a public company. This does not apply to AGMs of a public company, where all members must agree. Notices for public companies’ AGMs must state that the meeting is an AGM.

Companies may give notice of a meeting:

  • by electronic form;
  • in hard copy form;
  • by means of a website; or
  • a combination of any of the above.

The notice must state the time, date and location of the meeting and any resolutions to be agreed.

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