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What If The Accounts Are Delivered Late and/or Do Not Meet The Guidelines?

There is an automatic civil penalty for late filing. The amount depends on how late the accounts arrive and whether the company is private or public. The fixed penalties are as follows:

Length of Delay Public Company Private Company
3 months or less £500 £100
3 months one day to 6 months £1000 £250
6 months one day to 12 months £2000 £500
More than 12 months £5000 £1000


Failing to deliver accounts on time is also a criminal offence for which company directors may be prosecuted. Late filing penalties are fully explained in the booklet, 'Late Filing Penalties'.

***Please note: if a filing deadline expires on a Sunday or Bank Holiday the law still requires accounts to be filed by that date. So you should ensure that they are posted in time to arrive before such a deadline. Top Of Page

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