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Company Compliance Queries

What must a company send to Companies House each year?

All limited companies must send a set of accounts, and an Annual Return (AR01). These documents may be filed online, via Companies House ‘Webfiling’ Service, or on paper (the fee to file your Annual Return will be higher if you choose to file the form by paper).

My company is dormant (does not trade). Do I still have to send accounts and a return?

Yes, even if your company hasn't traded yet, or isn't trading at present, you must still deliver accounts and an Annual Return (AR01) each year. The correct form to deliver dormant accounts is the form AA02. You may download this form on our website.

I am not sure what type of accounts my company needs to prepare. Is any information available?

Yes, you can order a booklet from Companies House, which tells you about accounts, including those for dormant companies and companies with a small turnover. This booklet is also available to view online at

What will happen if my limited company's accounts and Annual Returns  (AR01) are not delivered on time?

Failure to deliver documents on time is a criminal offence: directors risk a criminal record, a fine and disqualification. Also, the company will incur an automatic financial penalty of up to £1,500 for a private company, or £7,500 for a public company, if any accounts are delivered late. Your company could also be struck off the register if the record is not kept up to date.

Remember that the company records now highlight the absence of accounts and returns, and this information is available for public inspection via Companies House ‘Webcheck’ service.

Will Companies House tell me when documents are due?

Companies House sends a number of letters each year to companies and their officers to remind them that delivery dates are imminent, or to alert them that deadlines have been missed. We strongly advise directors not to rely solely on these - the onus is on you as director to ensure that documents are delivered on time. We recommend that you consult Companies House ‘Webcheck’ service for an accurate list of when your documents are due. Alternatively, you may contact them on 0303 1234 500.

Companies House send most letters to companies at their registered office, so it is important to keep your registered office address up to date. If you change your registered office address, send the new details to Companies House on form AP01 without delay. Click here for further details of our Registered Office facilities.

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