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Company Formation

Can I choose any name for my company?

Why would I need to set up a limited company?

Who is needed to set up a Limited Company?

What are Memorandum and Articles of Association (M & A)?

What forms do I need to fill in when I receive the company?

Who can be a Director or Secretary?

What is a Registered Office?

What is Share Capital?

What kind of records will the company have to keep?

Bank Accounts and VAT

Can I file documents electronically?

What is Companies House Webfiling Service?

What can I do to protect my ltd company against fraud?

Where do I need to list my Limited company’s name and other details?

Compliance and Procedure

Companies Administration, Objections And Directions

Company Compliance Queries

What is Data Protection?

Who governs Data Protection?

Who has to register for Data Protection?

How can I register for Data Protection?

Notes For Filing Your Company Accounts

Accounting reference dates

What are Accounting Reference Dates?

Over what period must a company's first accounts cover?

Preparing and filing accounts

Who keeps the accounts and what do they comprise of?

How long do I have to file my company's first accounts?

What if the accounts are delivered late and/or do not meet the guidelines?

Do Companies House give technical advice on accounts?

What Happens to The Documents I Send To Companies House?

How should I set out documents?

Small and medium-sized company exemptions

What is a small or medium-sized company?

What does a small or medium-sized company have to deliver to the Registrar and what exemptions are available?

Are there special rules for small and medium-sized groups?

What if a small or medium-sized company is required to prepare group accounts?


Small Companies

Medium Companies

Are There Special Rules For Small and Medium-Sized Groups?

What exemption is available and for which companies?

Is there a separate category for charities that are audit exempt?

Are All Types Of Small Companies Eligible For The Exemption?

What does an audit-exempt company need to send to Companies House?

Who can be a reporting accountant?

Other very small company audit exemption questions answered.

Partnership accounts

What is a qualifying partnership and what accounts must they prepare?

For what period and when must the partnership accounts be prepared and delivered?

Companies House Late Filing Penalties

Your company will be required to submit documents to other agencies, in addition to those required by Companies House, e.g. Inland Revenue / Customs & Excise. It is important to ensure you keep an up to date list of all filing requirements, along with their respective filing dates to avoid late filing penalties. This section refers to Companies House late filing penalties only.

What are Late Filing Penalties?

How much are late filing penalties?

Are there penalties for directors?

How do I avoid a late filing penalty?

Meetings and Resolutions

What is a resolution?

Private Companies and the passing of resolutions

Public companies and the passing of resolutions

Resolutions and Meetings


Removing a director from office

How do I dissolve (close) my company?

Company Restorations

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