Prices (all inc. VAT)

Own Name Company Formations:

English, Welsh, North Ireland & Scottish Companies Own Name
Basic £69.99
Standard £81.99
Professional £117.99

Ready Made Company Formations:

English & Welsh Companies Ready Made
Standard £120.00
Vintage £POA

Specialist Companies:

PLC from £238.00
Limited by Guarantee (Not For Profit) from £188.00
Management Company (by Shares) from £188.00
Management Company (by Guarantee) from £188.00
Right To Manage Company from £188.00
LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) from £116.00
C.I.C (Community Interest Company) from £358.00


Change of Name from £96.00
Company Seal from £25.00
Registered Office Facility (Leeds) from £120.00
Registered Office Facility (London) from £300.00 p/a
Full Post Forwarding (London only) from £300.00 p/a
Nominee Secretary from £460.00
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