Address Services

Registered Offices

Hanover Company Services provides a registered office service for companies in the UK and Ireland, from £200 a year. Every UK company must have a registered office in the country in which it’s registered, as all communications and notices from Companies House and HMRC will be sent to this address. The service includes forwarding any official mail received from Companies House and HMRC.

Service Address Facility

Every company director and company secretary is required by law to have a service address: an official correspondence address on public record, at which they’ll receive mail from HMRC and Companies House. Hanover's service address facility is useful for directors and company secretaries who do not have a UK address or who wish to keep their residential address private. Prices start from £75 per year

Contact us today (using the details below) to find out more about these services, they are also available as an option when registering a new company through our online process.