Company Secretarial Services

Cost Effective Drafting for Corporate Transactions

Our team of qualified and highly experienced chartered secretaries provide guidance and a complete range of drafting services for corporate compliance.

We can help you to meet your clients’ needs with respect to the following transactions:

  • Creation of multiple share classes, including Employee Shares and Preference Shares
  • Drafting of Articles of Association, Shareholders’ Agreements or Partnership Agreements
  • Rights and Bonus Issues
  • Purchase of Own shares from Reserves or from Capital
  • Reduction of Share Capital by the Solvency Statement procedure
  • Company Restoration through Administrative Restoration or by Court Order
  • Director appointments or share transfers
  • Change of Company Name / Reregistration as a different company type
  • Consolidation, Subdivision or Redenomination of Shares
  • Share for Share Exchanges
  • Reconstruction of Company Registers